US Orders:
We just recently paused shipping to the US as a couple of shipments experienced really long delays at US Customs.

We just didn't want to risk delaying any orders.

So you don’t get stuck I did some research for an alternative for you on our programs.

It is currently not possible to get the exact ingredient we use for Slimdown Smoothie Mix in the USA. (We import it to the US from Australia and New Zealand)

I did find this product that you can use in the meantime: Raw Organic Whey.
Raw Organic Whey is from grass fed, hormone free Cows so like Slimdown Smoothie Mix.

Raw Organic Whey is really different to the toxic protein shake type stuff you get in shops.

For now you are fine to use Raw Organic Whey in all our Meal Plans and Recipes.

Use the Slimdown Smoothie Mix "How to Use" Info with Raw Organic Whey

Once we better understand how we can speed up Customs clearance we will re-start shipping Slimdown Smoothie Mix to the US.

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